The compendium is currently a work in progress and will ultimately have its own home on the internet.  As part of this research project, we have thus far compiled a database of in excess of 400 sites worldwide, which we estimate to be approximately 80% of all ecourban developments.

We provide links to a number of external sites detailing ecourban developments we have catalogued thus far.  Not all ecourban developments are reflected with their own website and this list does not represent the breadth of developments that exist.  These are provided for example only.

Ecourban site selection criteria is as follows:

  • include an ecodistrict or related label, have signature or ‘prototype’ status within their nation;
  • have a masterplan, model, or other policy framework associated with them;
  • be neighbourhood-scale or larger;
  • be sited on a brownfield/urban infill site;
  • have a residential component; and
  • have proceeded to occupancy of at least one phase.


We welcome any suggestions for ecourban sites in the comments below.


Example Ecourban sites:

Coming Soon!





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