Published papers:

Holden, M., Li, C., Molina, A. and Sturgeon, D., guest editors. (2016) Special issue on Ecourbanism Worldwide. Articulo Journal of Urban Research.

Holden, M., Li, C., Molina, A. (2015). The Emergence and Spread of Ecourbanism Around the World. Sustainability. 7(9).11418-11437; doi:10.3390/su70911418

Conference proceedings:

Holden, M., with Holt, R., Sturgeon, D., Murayama, A. (2016) EcoDistricts Research Forum, Denver, Colo.

Molina, A., Li, C., Holden, M. (2015) Report of the Inaugural Workshop of the International Advisory Group, Ecourbanism Worldwide. Vancouver: SFU Urban Studies.

Holden, M. Li, C., Molina, A. (2015). Crafting new urban assemblages and steering neighbourhood transition: actors and roles in ecourban neighbourhood development. Conference proceedings of the 2015 Annual Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning. Prague, Czech Republic. July 13-16, 2015, 3095-3109

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